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Is Penis Advantage a Scam?
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Penis Advantage Review
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My Honest Penis Advantage Review

According to the Penis Advantage, there are ways on how to increase the size of man's penis to attain more sexual gratification. One of which is surgery. To those who can afford it, it is not a bad option. But men should also think of the possible risks along with surgery. One of which is infection. But more than that, there were studies conducted that showed about 70% of men are not satisfied with the effects of surgery in sex. Another option, according to the Penis Advantage, is through pills and patches. There are a lot of pills and patches that sold online or in specialty stores but not all of these are approved by the FDA. This means that the effectiveness and the reliability of the product is not 100% safe and secure. So before buying a pill, it is important that they should research about it before buying the pills or patches.

Penile enlargement pumps are also the other option for enlarging the penis according to the Penis Advantage; this is done through using a suction device. A vacuum is created around the penis to make it bigger. The blood in the area then rushes to the penis through the pressure in the vacuum. Although this can be effective, it can be harmful and it does not really increase the height or size of the pennies.

With the myriads of Penis Advantage, men will surely find no more reason so engage in those things but rather do exercises that will naturally help increase the size of their penis. The exercises that the Penis Advantage teach stimulates the corpora cavernosa and even he pubococcygeus muscle which helps in increasing man's performance in bed. And when these are usually stimulated, they can help increase the penis size. A few exercises were mentioned in the Penis Advantage and one of which is called as "The Towel Lift"

Penis Advantage Scam?



• To do this, men should have a wash cloth with them. Once they are fully erected, they need to put the cloth on top of the base of the aroused penis.

Then the erected muscle will then be flexed causing the cloth to rise up a little bit. Then they should relax their penis and put it back to its original position. This exercise should be done about 25 times every other day.

Another exercise according to Penis Advantage is the jelqing exercise.

• With about 40% or 50% of penile erection, use the dominant hand and make a sort of OK sign where the thumb, index and middle fingers making a circle while the pinky and the ring ringers are outstretched. Then men should hold their base of the penis firmly and at the same time moving the fingers towards the head of the penis. It is important not to slide on the shaft of the penis but on the base itself. Then release the grip as soon as it reaches the head of the penis. This exercise can be done about 20 to 30 times per exercise and gradually increase the repetitions as week passes. According to Penis Advantage, this does not only improve the size of the penis but also improve the overall sexual performance.


The methods taught in Penis Advantage are unique and very effective.

Most importantly, it is natural and has NO side-effects. If you were to opt in for surgery or silicone injections, the side-effects will definitely make you regret it. Most people do not know about the side-effects and cons of surgeries and silicone injections. Here is a summary of each treatment, their cost, and side-effects/cons:

Treatment Type





  • Most patients whom underwent this were unsatisfied with the result.
  • There are numerous cases of patients whom underwent this treatment and had a problem with erection.




  • Painful when walking and this persists for a few weeks
  • For each session, you will only see very little results and you are asked to have follow-up sessions
  • There are numerous cases of patients whom underwent this treatment and had a problem with erection.

Penis Advantage

One Time Cost
of only $49.95


All Natural Treatment

Not just that, you are given a 60-day 100% money back guarantee
should you not be satisfied with the result! The Penis Advantage is a worthy investment that can change your sex life forever!

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